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African American Struggle for Freedom - 2198 Words

African-American Struggle for Freedom Beverly Garrett Axia College In the early nineteenth century, the African American went from slavery to the struggle for freedom. They had to do several activities in order to survive. Even though food affected the lifestyle during slavery, with religion, soul food like greens, and hamburger meat was prepared and grown to help families survive. There were several kinds of slaves during the nineteenth century. The African Americans were the most popular among all the slaves and had the hardest time for survival. They reported in mid-2003 that today: Millions of men, women and children around the world are forced to†¦show more content†¦Many American cuisines are derived from the slang phrase â€Å"soul food,† meaning a selection of foods and are the traditional cuisine of African American of the Southern United States and of black communities. Slave owners fed their chattel as cheaply as possible, often with throwaway foods fro m the plantations, forcing the slaves to make do with the ingredients at hand. Most slaves’ vegetables were the tops of turnips, beets, and dandelions. Later the slaves were cooking new types of greens: Collards, Kale, Mustard, and Pokeweed. The slaves also used lard, discarded cuts of meats like oxtails, ham hocks, chitterlings (pig small intestines), and skins to give the greens a better taste. There was little waste in the African American kitchen. If there were leftover fish they would make croquettes. Stale bread became bread pudding and each part of the pig had its own special dish. They even used the juice from the greens to have with cornbread, which made gravy. In the nineteenth century, most African American began to use hamburger meat as an American cuisine to make hamburgers, meat loaf and hamburger sausage sandwiches. The first American hamburger was a delicacy from beef called hamburger beef sausage sandwiches. This sandwich received its name from an England me n name Hannah Glasse. Hannah Glasse called it, â€Å"Hamburg Steak,† which became very famous. Today one can find hamburgers everywhere in America from a variety of restaurants. The firstShow MoreRelatedFreedom? Explores And Examines The African American Struggle1398 Words   |  6 PagesFreedom? explores and examines the African American struggle in their quest for freedom and the many ways that it has taken form. Webster dictionary defines freedom as the â€Å"quality or state of being free†, but freedom can mean so much more. For the African-American community after slavery was abolished, they faced a time when they were technically free, no one controlled their day to day activities, or forced them back into cotton fields, but were they actually free? Their ideas were not valuedRead MoreFrederick Douglass : African American Freedom Struggle888 Words   |  4 PagesFrederick Douglass became a vital figure for the African American freedom struggle during the 186 0’s with the help of the abolitionist movement. Before becoming a famous spokesman Douglass was just like every other African American slave, attempting to find a way to freedom. Douglass’ runaway slave status quickly changed when abolitionist bought his freedom in hopes to strengthen the abolitionist movement. Since abolitionists were able to recognize Douglass’ intellectual abilities it made him a keyRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement And The African American Freedom Struggle Essay1913 Words   |  8 Pagesthe African American Freedom struggle. As the documentary shows the nonviolent part of the Civil Rights Movement it leaves out how important the role of armed resistance was in the African American freedom struggle. It unsuccessfully shows how armed resistance made the Civil Rights Movement possible and protected many civil rights leaders such a Martin Luther King. Soundtrack For A Revolution does not demonstrate how gun owners protected institutions of th e movement like churches and freedom houseRead MoreThe Freedom Of Slaves By Tera W. Hunter1173 Words   |  5 Pagesto make freedom rhetoric; it has to be materialized, realized and actualized.† — Waldo E. Martin, Jr. As stated by Professor Martin, the idea of ‘granting freedom to slaves’ cannot solely be rhetorically established in the halls of Congress; it is a constant grapple for dignity and respect that needs to be actualized, impelled and perceived. A book named â€Å"To’ Joy to My Freedom,† by TeraRead MoreThe Freedom Of Struggles By Adriane Lentz Smith1250 Words   |  5 Pageswrote the book called the Freedom of Struggles, Who is an associate Professor of History at Duke University. Adriane had studied history and African American studies. She was successful in everything Adriane did, she had many goals to achieve. One of the goals were to get across one point about how war world 1 and African Americans goes to Europe with American expeditionary forces in World War 1. How the story was a critical movement in the book â€Å"freedom of struggles†. Adriane was an aggressiveRead MoreAnalysis Of The Beatles Blackbird 1081 Words   |  5 PagesRe search:Blackbird by the Beatles Blackbird is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney recorded in 1968. McCartney wrote this song about the civil rights struggle for blacks after reading about race riots in the USA. He penned it in his kitchen in Scotland not long after an incident in Little Rock, when the federal courts forced the racial desegregation of the Arkansas capital s school system. McCartney told Mojo magazine, October 2008: We were totally immersed in the whole saga whichRead MoreFreedom And African American History Essay1680 Words   |  7 PagesFreedom And African American History 1 XIN LI The United States is a immigrant country, which faces varieties of problems. The African American problem is one of the most serious one. Racial segregation is a deep-rooted social problem, which reflects in every field in the United States. For example, education, labor market and criminal justice system. In the aspect of educationRead MoreThe Nile River Essay1578 Words   |  7 Pages Despite the large size of the African continent and the many geographical factors that encompass it, there is seemingly one stream of water that virtually everyone in the world knows, the Nile River. What most do not know is that the Nile originates from two separate locations, with two major tributaries. The tributary in the east, the Blue Nile, begins from Lake Tana in Ethiopia and the tributary in the west, the White Nile, begins in Uganda. Both travel hundreds of miles until they reach theirRead MoreMartin Luther King And King Remembered By Malcolm X Analysis804 Words   |  4 PagesOn May 17, 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregation within public high schools unconstitutional. A few years later, the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act for African Americans were passed. During, these years civil and economic rights were being diligently fought for. The unity of all African Americans regardless of their religion, political views, or social was being encouraged. Speeche s and rallies also took place to end racism and instill equality. There is no doubt any of this wouldRead MoreThe And Its Impact On Society Essay1711 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferentiate between integration and simply glossing over history, which happens frequently. By glossing over history––much in the same way we try to ignore our personal history, we devalue the struggles undergone by various minority groups. Beyoncà ©Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s confrontation of the systematic racism faced by the African American community is especially effective due to her position in said society and culture. Because of her work in the music industry, Beyoncà © possesses an unprecedented amount of popularity in today’s

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The Best Topic for Presentation Cover Up

The Best Topic for Presentation Cover Up A History of the Best Topic for Presentation Refuted You're responsible for the story. Now you're worried and are likely to shell out too much of your creative time hoping to select the most suitable topic and not rehearsing your presentation. Wherever you're, while it is an educational presentation or a PPT on your business report till you present the things in a limpid way no will take interest within it. Do not look over your watch. It's freely available for anybody who owns a post mac 2013. This question is an enjoyable approach to both converse and fantasize at the exact same moment. The very best advice, however, is to just locate an interesting method to broach everyday questions. The issue is that you have an excessive amount of alternative. The Hidden Secret of the Best Topic for Presentation The Topic Maps standard doesn't restrict the set of concepts that may be represented as topics at all. Key points are expressed in the shape of self-explanatory graphical representations. Topics may be used to symbolize a concept that doesn't have its very own unique URI. You need a theme selected from before from the themes that you download from the web. the Best Topic for Presentation - Overview There's another link about debate where you are able to learn more. Do a very simple research on the topic to understand how much information is available. You're not required to pick a topic from the accompanyi ng list, but it is going to offer you a good idea of the sorts of topics that are acceptable. To get you started, we've prepared a thorough collection of 100 topics to have you thinking. Picking the right topic is the toughest task about building a presentation. Deciding on a topic is very important. It's also vital that you select a very simple topic that's correct for them. Selecting the ideal topic for a presentation, researching and writing about it's a task that lots of students find quite challenging to do. The conversation will cause a deep topic people value. The more interesting the subject, the more probable it is to reach its audience. When an audience hears a joke they've heard before, subconsciously they feel they've been robbed. It should understand and create a mental picture of the topic or message immediately. What You Should Do About the Best Topic for Presentation Beginning in the Next Five Minutes Now you get your presentation in check. The best presentations place the audience first. Even short presentations want to appear nice. The absolute most well-known presentations are those which have received the most likes and have been viewed more than the other presentations in a specific category. Generally speaking, be proactive and ask precisely what you should cover during your presentation. There's an additional step you may take to make your presentation great. There several ways you may keep presentation entertaining and persuasive. Timing your presentation is additionally the only method to know for sure how much time it will take. the Best Topic for Presentation Fundamentals Explained You're responsible for the speech. The occasion can be celebratory like a success party or the corporation's foundation day, solemn like the retirement of essential personnel of the organization, or upright professional. Tell me about the most fascinating person that you've ever met. During practice, possess the chance to talk in front of others. Want to Know More About the Best Topic for Presentation? Presentation templates are an effective approach to be certain your SlideShare is well-designed. Since SlideShare presentations are viewed online, they may be considered a sort of internet content. As discussed earlier, they can be considered a form of online content. You can make an effective slide presentation for virtually any period of time, if you understand how. Neatly type each point you need to deliver, preferably in 1 slide. It's possible to write anything on such slide and may also alter the background of it to your preferred image. Have an established summary from every slide content in summary form.

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Advantages of Credit Cards Free Essays

Throughout history, men invented ingenious ways to solve problems. Some simple, but most will leave a big impact on our future. Men invented trading as means to acquire things that is needed, with another individual who wants what the trader has. We will write a custom essay sample on Advantages of Credit Cards or any similar topic only for you Order Now But sometimes, what we want to trade with is not what the tradee wants. So currency is formed. Currency is accumulatable, powerful and can be used to acquire our wants and needs. Currency had been created in many shapes and sizes. When it was first invented, precious metals such as silver and gold chips are the most widely used. But in our modern era, paper currency reigns dominance. As time goes on, men started craving, craving for thing or material objects that only money can buy. And one might not have the funds to buy such things or if that certain desire costs a lot, bringing a whole load of cash with you to the store might not be such a good idea for many reasons. And so the credit card is invented. This small little piece of plastic will leave a big impact on society. There are repercussions of misusing this object but let’s talk about the advantages for now. So what exactly are the advantages of credit cards? BUY TICKETS OR SHOP ONLINE EASILY In modern society, people have found ingenious ways to make acquiring everyday needs or material objects of desired. Grocery shops were invented so that we don’t need to wake up early and go all the way to farms to get fresh food like vegetables, eggs and meat. But what if we want require specific items, something that is not common but it needed as quick as possible. We might go around asking our friends and relatives to acquire those items. How troublesome would that have been, or had been as people actually did this back then. But then, utilizing the power of the internet, people had discovered that they can acquire things that are unusually rare, but is available. Sometimes from a seller from another country. To buy, means to pay. But how do we pay someone from another country? Mailing a wad of cash in an envelope to the seller might not be such a good idea, as mail do get lost from time to time. And so the credit card plays the role in rectifying this problem. Using the credit card we can pay the seller using borrowed funds from the bank and send it to the seller in the form of digital data in which will then be added to the account of the seller and thus the seller is paid. We can acquire things easily from the internet, and now with the usage of credit card,everything we need can be acquired. If it exists, if it is being sold, it can be acquired. It doesn’t matter if it’s in China, New York or timbuctoo. And lets say if something is on sale or your favorite band is having a concert in your hometown but you don’t have enough cash to buy it and if you wait until your pay check to arrive, your opportunity is long gone. Don’t worry your credit card is here to help. Instant currency with just a swipe of the card or a few presses of some numbers and information on the internet. No longer will you have to wait in line at the airport to buy tickets, you get get them through the internet using your credit card in just a few minutes. Nowadays people would rather stay home and shop through the internet than having to endure a long drive to the local mall especially if during the peak hours where there are traffic jams. Sites such as Lazada. com are common shopping websites that welcomes the usage of credit cards. It’s like a virtual mall in which the items bought need not be carried in accumulative quantities to the car park, but is put in a virtual shopping cart and then sent directly onto your doorsteps after the credit card payment has been made. How to cite Advantages of Credit Cards, Papers

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Worn Path By Welty Essays (836 words) - Phoenixes In Popular Culture

Worn Path By Welty In Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" the conflict was not apparent at the very beginning. What was a poor, elderly sick woman doing gallivanting in the forest during the dead of winter? The reason became clear towards the conclusion of the story as the action revealed that the conflict was obtaining the necessary medicine for her grandson. When this conflict became obvious, another question came to mind. What kind of society did this woman live in that she had to go all the way from her home in the countryside to the city by herself to get the medicine? The conflict being illustrated is that of an individual versus society and the four problems that Phoenix faces as a result of this was her old age, her health, her grandson's health and her state of poverty. "Her eyes were blue with age. Her skin had a pattern all its own of numberless branching wrinkles?" (paragraph 2). This quotation was one of many indications of Phoenix Jackson's old age. Normally, in society there are benefits for the elderly and those of the golden age. There are various organizations that help people who are over the age of sixty-five. They also provide various services towards them such as meals on wheels. Was there not someone who could have delivered the medicine to this woman of nearly 100 years of age? Perhaps Phoenix Jackson was too shy or had too much pride to ask for a service of that nature. The doctors from the medical building knew about the condition of Phoenix's grandson and did nothing to try and help. This showed the lack of respect that was present in the society. In today's society, someone of that age commands and deserves the proper respect. "She carried a thin, small cane made from an umbrella, and with this she kept tapping the frozen earth in front of her," (paragraph 1). The next conflict that plagued her is that of her health. In the preceding quotation, there was one important note that readers should take into consideration. The fact that she kept persistently tapping the earth in front of her could only indicate one thing?that she was visually impaired. She may not have been completely blind, but she had to have been substantially impaired to have kept tapping her cane in a redundant manner. Someone who is even remotely visually impaired should not be traveling in the forest. Phoenix also suffered from a problem that often plagues people at an old age. This problem is senility. "But she sat down to rest? She did not dare to close her eyes and when a little boy brought her a plate with a slice of marble-cake on it she spoke to him. "That would be acceptable," she said. But when she went to take it there was just her own hand in the air," (paragraph 15). This was just one out of many instances in the story where Phoenix talked to herself and had hallucinations. Talking to one's self in the forest is a definite sign of senility. Phoenix did not allow her two disabilities to get in her way, but had society cared for her properly she would have been in an institution for the elderly. As for her grandson's health, the readers know that he also, was not doing well. The only pertinent information given was that he "swallowed lye," (paragraph 91). He, also, should have been receiving professional care. An American society in the nineteen forty's did not provide free health care, and that sets up the final conflict, the state of poverty of Phoenix Jackson. "It's Christmas time, Grandma," said the attendant. "Could I give you a few pennies out of my purse?" "Five pennies is a nickel," said Phoenix stiffly," (paragraph 100) This quotation, a conversation between Phoenix and the attendant at the medical building, came after Phoenix had arrived at the doctor's office and had already received her medicine from the attendant. Phoenix was not ashamed to ask for the extra pocket change so that she could buy her grandson a windmill made out of paper. That nickel was the second nickel that she had managed to obtain. The first five cents was basically obtained through theft. She distracted a hunter she had met in the forest so that she could pick up a nickel that he had dropped. Phoenix had no reason to be ashamed of the ten cents that she had acquired through begging and stealing. Her perspective was that society had

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Commodore Matthew Perry and the Opening of Japan

Commodore Matthew Perry and the Opening of Japan Commodore Matthew C. Perry was a noted American naval officer in the first half of the 19th century who earned fame for opening Japan to American trade. A veteran of the War of 1812, Perry endeavored to promote and develop steam technology in the U.S. Navy and earned the nickname Father of the Steam Navy. During the Mexican-American War, he directed operations in the Gulf of Mexico and captured several towns along the coast. In 1853, Perry received orders from President Millard Fillmore to force the opening of Japanese ports to American trade. Arriving in the islands the following year, he successfully concluded the Convention of Kanagawa which opened two ports to trade as well as ensured the protection of American sailors and property. Early Life and Career Born at Newport, RI, on April 10, 1794, Matthew Calbraith Perry was the son of Captain Christopher Perry and Sarah Perry. In addition, he was the younger brother of Oliver Hazard Perry who would go on to earn fame at the Battle of Lake Erie. The son of a naval officer, Perry prepared for a similar career and received a warrant as a midshipman on January 16, 1809. A young man, he was assigned to the schooner USS Revenge, then commanded by his older brother. In October 1810, Perry was transferred to the frigate USS President where he served under Commodore John Rodgers. A strict disciplinarian, Rodgers imparted many of his leadership skills to the young Perry. While aboard, Perry took part in an exchange of gunfire with the British sloop-of-war HMS Little Belt on May 16, 1811. The event, known as the Little Belt Affair, further strained relations between the United States and Britain. With the beginning of the War of 1812, Perry was aboard President when it fought an eight-hour running battle with the frigate HMS Belvidere on June 23, 1812. In the fighting, Perry was slightly wounded. War of 1812 Promoted to lieutenant on July 24, 1813, Perry remained aboard President for cruises in the North Atlantic and Europe. That November, he was transferred to the frigate USS United States, then at New London, CT. Part of the squadron commanded by Commodore Stephen Decatur, Perry saw little action as the ships were blockaded in port by the British. Due to these circumstances, Decatur transferred his crew, including Perry, to President which was anchored in New York. When Decatur unsuccessfully attempted to escape the blockade of New York in January 1815, Perry was not with him as he had been reassigned to the brig USS Chippawa for service in the Mediterranean. With the wars end, Perry and Chippawa cruised Mediterranean as part of Commodore William Bainbridges squadron. After a brief furlough in which he worked in the merchant service, Perry returned to active duty in September 1817, and was assigned to the New York Navy Yard. Posted to the frigate USS Cyane in April 1819, as executive officer, he aided in the initial settlement of Liberia. Captain Matthew C. Perry. U.S. Navy History and Heritage Command Fast Facts: Commodore Matthew C. Perry Rank: CommodoreService: U.S. NavyBorn: April 10, 1794 in Newport, RIDied: March 4, 1858 in New York, NYParents: Captain Christopher Perry and Sarah PerrySpouse: Jane SlidellConflicts: Mexican-American WarKnown For: First and Second Battles of Tabasco, Capture of Tampico, Opening Japan Rising Through the Ranks Completing his duty, Perry was rewarded with his first command, the twelve-gun schooner USS Shark. Serving as the vessels captain for four years, Perry was assigned to suppress piracy and the slave trade in the West Indies. In September 1824, Perry was reunited with Commodore Rodgers when he was posted as executive officer of USS North Carolina, the flagship of the Mediterranean Squadron. During the cruise, Perry was able to meet with Greek revolutionaries and the Captain Pasha of Turkish fleet. Before returning home, he was promoted to master commandant on March 21, 1826. Naval Pioneer After moving through a series of shore assignments, Perry went back to sea in April 1830, as the captain of the sloop USS Concord. Transporting the U.S. envoy to Russia, Perry declined an invitation from the czar to join the Russian Navy. Arriving back in the United States, Perry was made second-in-command of the New York Navy Yard in January 1833. Deeply interested in naval education, Perry developed a naval apprentice system and helped establish the U.S. Naval Lyceum for the education of officers. After four years of lobbying, his apprentice system was passed by Congress. During this time he served on the committee that advised the Secretary of the Navy in regard to the U.S. Exploring Expedition, though he declined command of the mission when offered. As he moved through various posts, he remained devoted to education and in 1845, assisted in developing the initial curriculum for the new U.S. Naval Academy. Promoted to captain on February 9, 1837, he was given command of the new steam frigate USS Fulton. A significant advocate for the development of steam technology, Perry conducted experiments to improve its performance and ultimately earned the nickname Father of the Steam Navy. This was reinforced when he founded the first Naval Engineer Corps. During his command of Fulton, Perry conducted the U.S. Navys first gunnery school off Sandy Hook in 1839-1840. On June 12, 1841, he was appointed the Commandant of the New York Navy Yard with the rank of commodore. This was largely due to his expertise in steam engineering and other naval inventions. After two years, he was appointed commander of the U.S. African Squadron and sailed aboard the sloop-of-war USS Saratoga. Tasked with fighting the slave trade, Perry cruised the African coast until May 1845, when he returned home. Second Battle of Tabasco, June 15-16, 1847. Public Domain Mexican-American War With the beginning of the Mexican-American War in 1846, Perry was given command of the steam frigate USS Mississippi and made second-in-command of the Home Squadron. Serving under Commodore David Connor, Perry led successful expeditions against Frontera, Tabasco and Laguna. After returning to Norfolk for repairs in early 1847, Perry was given command of the Home Squadron and aided General Winfield Scott in the capture of Vera Cruz. As the army moved inland, Perry operated against the remaining Mexican ports cities, capturing Tuxpan and attacking Tabasco. USS Mississippi (1841). U.S. Navy Opening Japan With the end of the war in 1848, Perry moved through various shore assignments before being returned to Mississippi in 1852, with orders to prepare for a voyage to the Far East. Instructed to negotiate a treaty with Japan, then closed to foreigners, Perry was to seek an agreement which would open at least one Japanese port to trade and would secure the protection of American seamen and property in that country. Departing Norfolk in November 1852, Perry proceeded around the Cape of Good Hope and across the Indian Ocean before reaching Shanghai on May 4, 1853. Sailing north with Mississippi, the steam frigate USS Susquehanna, and the sloops-of-war USS Plymouth and Saratoga, Perry reached Edo, Japan on July 8. Met by Japanese officials, Perry was ordered to sail for Nagasaki where the Dutch had a small trading post. Refusing, he demanded permission to present a letter from President Millard Fillmore and threatened to use force if denied. Unable to resist Perrys modern weaponry, the Japanese permitted him to land on the 14th to present his letter. This done, he promised the Japanese that he would return for a response. Commodore Matthew C. Perry lands in Japan, 1854. Public Domain Returning the following February with a larger squadron, Perry was warmly received by Japanese officials who had acquiesced and prepared a treaty that fulfilled many of Fillmores demands. Signed on March 31, 1854, the Convention of Kanagawa ensured the protection of American property and opened the ports of Hakodate and Shimoda to trade. His mission complete, Perry returned home by merchant steamer later that year. Later Life Voted a reward of $20,000 by Congress for his success, Perry embarked on writing a three-volume history of the mission. Assigned to the Efficiency Board in February 1855, his main task was the completion of the report. This was published by the government in 1856, and Perry was advanced to the rank of rear admiral on the retired list. Living in his adopted home of New York City, Perrys health began to fail as he suffered from cirrhosis of the liver due to heavy drinking. On March 4, 1858, Perry died in New York. His remains were moved to Newport, RI by his family in 1866.

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Comment, Suggestion, and Feedback

Comment, Suggestion, and Feedback Comment, Suggestion, and Feedback Comment, Suggestion, and Feedback By Maeve Maddox A reader asks about these three words: I was wondering about the differences between comment, suggestion, and feedback. They often seem to be used interchangeably. I would like to know how to use each word appropriately in different contexts.    Here are the relevant definitions of these words in the context of social media: comment noun: a remark or criticism on or upon anything. suggestion noun: an idea or thought suggested, a proposal. feedback noun: information about the result of a process, experiment, etc. The word comment has the broadest application because a comment can contain a suggestion or provide feedback. The comments that follow the posts on this site provide examples of all three terms. Comment Carnival – The word derives from a phrase meaning â€Å"the putting away of flesh†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ as in the fasting from meat as Christians [according to traditional dogma] are supposed to do during Lent. It became an event of feasting and revelry because it’s the last chance for the next 6 weeks to indulge in that delicious pot roast, steak dinner, or other self-gratifications. The reader has added information relating to a post about words derived from a Latin word meaning flesh. This kind of comment enriches the site by expanding the post in a relevant manner. Suggestion Could you also clarify and explain the origins of â€Å"chalk it up†. I’ve also seen â€Å"chock it up† which I assume is an error.   I’ve also heard â€Å"chop it up† in the same context. This reader, in commenting on the post about chock-full, has made a suggestion for a future post. Such suggestions keep me supplied with topics. Feedback I think your spelling of cockeyeed is incorrect.  I think it is spelled cockeyed. (minus one e) Feedback can be positive or negative. Comments that express agreement or appreciation let writers know they’re on the right track with their intended audience. Comments that point out errors or ambiguity enable the writer to improve a published post. NOTE: I like to receive feedback that points out typographical errors by way of email, rather than in the open comments section- and not just to minimize my embarrassment. When the error has been corrected in the post, the comment remains as a distraction to future readers. The figurative use of feedback derives from a technical term relating to electronics: feedback noun: The return of a fraction of the output signal from one stage of a circuit, amplifier, etc., to the input of the same or a preceding stage, â€Å"positive feedback† tending to increase the amplification; â€Å"negative feedback† tending to decrease the amplification. Also, a signal so returned. I’ll take this opportunity to thank my readers for all three- comments, suggestions, and feedback. They are and have been of tremendous benefit to me, as a blogger and as a student of English. Related post: Comment Etiquette Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Comma After i.e. and e.g.20 Words Meaning "Being or Existing in the Past"The 7 Types of Possessive Case

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Oprah Winfrey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Oprah Winfrey - Essay Example In spite of a vacuum of formal business plans, she has mostly been successful in all of her endeavors. One of the reasons for her consistent success in the business field is the vision of her business- humanitarian services for the less fortunate. She is considered to be a transformational leader, who has a clear vision and direction for her business. Modern businesses cannot be run without the presence of formal strategic plans and business models since there exists an extensive degree of competition in the prevailing markets. Companies need to formulate effective strategies from analysis of relevant data to survive in the modern markets. Oprah has been able to achieve success without any formal structural planning because her fame and humanitarian attitude have been some of the major drivers of her business. Her successes reaffirm her decision to adopt risk-taking entrepreneurship approach. Her personality and spirit could not have been better reflected in her business if any other approach would have been adopted. Decisions based on gut-feelings suit her unique business needs and vision.